Our aim is to provide clients with Quality Affordable Products

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Able Scale Service & Hire (Qld) Pty Ltd has for over twenty five years provided sales, service and hire of Scales and Point of Sale equipment.

Our aim is to provide clients with quality affordable products that accommodate the requirements of the client as well as streamline efficiency to save both time and money. At Able Scales we are committed to understanding your individual business needs and finding economical solutions to achieve these objectives.

We offer a Hire department that will cover all your necessary engagements. We have both cash registers and scales available for both long and short term to accommodate your needs.

Our service department understand that your time is valuable and endeavour to respond to client calls in the quickest possible time. We carry a large range of back up stock and customer files to ensure the business continues to function in the event of emergency break downs. Our technicians are Government certified to stamp scales and Able Scales is accredited with TMLAS (Trade Measurement Licensee Accreditation Scheme).

Able Scales is not just about moving boxes and as such we take the time to understand your specific requirements, ensuring we have the relevant information before programming or services commence.

Our customers inspire us on the quest for the perfect product and experience.

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