Viva Scale

Viva Scale Description Trade Approved 15kg x 5g Backlit LCD Automatic Zero Maintenance assures a stable zero reading Non-rounded platter for in-counter installations Download Brochure Enquire Now

TP100 Thermal Printer

TP100 Thermal Printer Description Direct Thermal Auto Paper Cutter Fast Printing Speed 250mm/sec Logo and Graphic Printing Download Brochure Enquire Now

PD-II Scale

PD-II Scale Description 15kg x 2/5g Trade Approved Remote Pole Type Display RS 232C           Download Brochure Enquire Now

GSN 697 Omni Scanner

GSN 697 Omni Scanner Description Orbit Dual-Laser Omni-directional Scanner 650 nm visible laser diode (VLD) 5 directions of scan field 20 Lines Lasers Scan Rate 1,400 scans per second Download Brochure Enquire Now

F560 Scanner

F560 Scanner Description Innovative trigger switch and indication design Unsurpassed readability on damaged, poorly-printed, smudged or low contrast barcodes Superior reading range up to 10” on 100% UPC/EAN symbols Optional vibrator for noisy and quiet environments Download Brochure Enquire Now

CT651 Thermal Printer

CT651 Thermal Printer Description 200mm/sec high speed printing Easy Paper loading Cash Drawer kick out Two colour printing Download Brochure Enquire Now

Magellan 8400 Series Scale Scanner

Magellan 8400 Series Scale Scanner Description Inbuilt scale and scanner Designed to speed-up checkout Surround scan TM 3D scanning technology Robust and reliable Download Brochure Enquire Now